Dear Supporters of Arx Veritatis,

There are certain costs involved in running our academy with which we need assistance. Donated funds provide stipends to those students (principally from Latin America) who are unable toafford their transportation to and from Europe, and/or to cover their basic living-expenses while at the Arx Veritatis Academia.  Donations are also used to help fund transportation for our various teachers, so that they may offer Latin courses at a reduced rates in less-developed areas of the world. Please consider a donation, of any size, to help provide the means for our poorer brethren in Christ to work toward the renewal of Christendom.  Use our donation button or simply mail a check made out to "Arx Veritatis" to:

PO Box 10

Dorset, Ohio 44032

Note that you will receive a letter before the year's end confirming that you made a charitable donation to our non-profit organization; therefore kindly include a return address so we can send you said letter in an orderly fashion.  We are extremely grateful for your kind help.