According to the priniciples of Subsidiarity, Distributism and Christian Charity we have established the following prices for North American courses. All prices are in US dollars.


One-day intensive seminar (6 hrs instruction, plus 1 hr. informal vocab during lunch)

Person full-time employed | 100$

Part-time employed | 80$

Students | 60$

Religious | 40$


Weekend Seminars (Fri-Sunday 13 hrs. instruction plus 2 hours informal vocab during meals)

Full-time employed | 200$

Part-time employed | 160

Students | 120$

Religious | 80$


Week-long Seminars (20 hrs. instruction, plus  at least 3 hours informal practice)

Full-time employed | 300$

Part-time employed | 240$

Students | 180$

Religious | 120$

These prices to do not represent cost of the venue (see below) or travelling stipend.  Travelling stipend is generally waved for groups of 10 or more, depending on how far our teachers have to travel.


The local organizer will recieve a 80% discount for the seminar and is responsible for finding both the venue to host the classes and the minimum number of participants (5 for day-seminars, 7 for longer seminars). 


The local organizer is encouraged to find space in a home/den type space as this is more conducive to learning than a classroom (and more objects to be used as vocab examples are near at hand).  We have generally had luck finding schools (Catholic and non), and parishes willing to host these classes at cost. Any hosting parish will be able to send one participant to the seminar for free - any hosting lay-person will be able to send one participant to the seminar at a reduced rate, depending on the length of the seminar.  

semester tuition 


The semester is a series of immersive active Latin courses and takes place each year at our self-sustaining campus in southern Germany. The fall semester is from September through Decmber, and the spring semester runs from  February through May , with a summer term in June-July. Accommodation, food, and course tuition are included in the price of the semester course, though travel to and from the campus is not included. A non-refundable deposit of 500$ is required to reserve your place in the course. All prices are in US dollars. 

For students in need, special consideration will be given for scholarships. Payment plans are also available.


TUITION FOR German Campus

600$/month + various excursion expenses not to exceed 100$/month