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Arx Veritatis Academia is an institute specializing in Latin instruction and is, as of yet, what one might call "a moveable feast" having not yet procured a permanent location; the teachers of Arx Veritatis offer Latin seminars around the world to various groups  at various levels of ability, from ten-year-olds to classical philologists interested in gaining skill in active Latin. The Academy exists to promote the renewal of Christendom, using active of Latin as a tool to access the great texts, poetry and music of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.  We see the study of Latin texts as a means to live out the principles of a life worthy of our humanity according to both Nature and Grace.



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Gratia non tollit naturam, sed perfecit.
— Sanctus Augustinus


The Arx Veritatis Academy exists to promote the renewal of Christendom both in Europe and worldwide. To the specifically academic aspect of this end we seek to enter into a profound study of the great texts in Latin from Classical, Medieval and Modern periods, in order to more nearly apprehend truth and gain both wisdom and insight toward a renewal of our current historical moment. Latin truly needs no argument; the sheer number of major Latin texts and the weight of Latin among the Western Church is beyond dispute. Latin is a worthy endeavor for all who seek to understand the unfolding of Christendom and the Western World. However, we do not merely want to remain in a dry, disconnected academic environment and to that end not only will Latin be spoken throughout the day and used as the language of instruction, we will also spend plenty of time praying the hours in Latin, singing Latin songs from various epochs. In addition we will have some time each day for physical work with an agrarian focus. We want to live out the ideals of Christendom, not merely study them.